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Sunday Noon - Modern Horizons 2 In-Store Prerelease

In-Store Pickup Only Available Sunday, June 13 2021
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  • Description

    Modern Horizons 2 In Store Pre-Release!

    Event Date: Sunday, June 13th

    Event Starts: noon

    Event Starts: MNYVZJ

    In-Store events are back! Come to Pastimes and get a sneak peek at the new Modern Horizons 2 set during our Prerelease events! Prerelease Flights will be scheduled throughout the week, so there should be one to fit everyone's schedule.

    For the health and safety of all participants, we will be making the following adjustments at this event:
    Each event will be capped at 32 players. (Please preregister to reserve your spot)
    There will only be 2 matches per 8 foot table.
    All participants must wear face masks.

    Event Format:

    Every player will receive a Modern Horizons 2 Pre-Release Kit. Use that kit, plus any amount of basic lands to build your deck!


    3-0     $50 Store Credit
    2-1     $25 Store Credit
    1-2     $10 Store Credit
    0-3     $5 Store Credit

    Additionally, door prizes will be given out every round

    We will be using the MtG Companion App for this event. Please download the App HERE

    We look forward to seeing you at this event!

    Prerelease Week Schedule:

    Friday, June 11 @ 6pm

    Saturday, June 12 @ 11am

    Saturday, June 12 @ 4pm

    Sunday, June 13 @ noon

    Wednesday, June 16 @ 6pm

    Thursday, June 17 @ 6pm