Buying Your Cards!

Pastimes wants to buy your cards and we're paying a higher rate right now! Additionally, we are offering a 20% bonus if you choose to take store credit.  We are now open for buying in the store (with a plastic barrier), through curbside pickup, or by mail! Here's the process for each of these options:

1. In-store: Come into the store wearing a mask during any of our open hours. We have a barrier set up so that you can see how we're pricing everything while still protecting you and the staff.
2. Curbside: Call the store when you arrive and we will come out and grab your cards. You can either email and set up pricing beforehand, or drop them off and we can pay via check, Paypal, or store credit immediately.
3. Mail: Email with a list of cards you are looking to sell. When you receive an offer, mail them to us at:
Pastimes Buying
233 Golf Mill Dr.
Niles, IL 60714
We will send out a check, Paypal, or store credit the moment we receive them!