Pastimes has been a place of community for over 27 years serving collectors, gamers and people who just needed to get their hobby on. Pastimes is a home to many, a safe place where you can grab a game, chat about comics or just check out the newest selection of minis or Pops. You are all family to us and we want our family and community to be safe and healthy. Because we care, we want to do whatever we can to help keep you that way.

That being the case, we are making the decision to stop our in-store events for the (hopefully) near future until the world gets this mess sorted out.

The store will remain open to shop, but there will be no seating available for play and our hours will likely be shortened during the coming week.

We will be offering shipping of all products available at Pastimes, and we can arrange for curbside pick up for you as well. For much of this, please call the store at 847-470-9636 or email

To help protect the staff and other customers, please continue to stay informed, take the recommended actions of the CDC and keep washing those hands and stay a distance from others. If you do not feel well - at all - please do not go out in public. If you seem sick and come to the store, you will be asked to leave.

If you have questions please email me directly at

If you want items from the store that we do not have online (currently, we mostly have Magic singles online) - please call the store at 847-470-9636 and we can arrange for shipping and curbside delivery. During the next couple weeks we will be working to put more games and comics online so you will be able to keep the fun coming to your home and your families.

Please let us know what games you are playing, and what comics you are reading by sharing on our Facebook page - we really want to know what you are finding awesome!

We will be posting often and there will be updates to follow. Please be safe and we hope to see, email and hear from you soon.